Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the website only available in English?
This way we can make news articles quicker and it makes it possible to expand the website with a lot of cool features in a short period of time. A tip: For those who have a hard time reading English, a lot of web browsers have a standard translate feature. For example, Google Chrome has an easy toolbar which you can select the language you want the page to be in.

When will you be coming to my country/city?
We can’t tell you anything than what’s listed on the website. Please check the tourdates for our confirmed shows.

Can you please send me a picture with autograph, or have the band respond to my e-mail?
We’re always trying to help everybody out whenever we can. But as you might understand, we get so many requests, that we are not able to help you out personally. Thanks for understanding.

Do you have sheet music available?
Unfortunately not.

Do you have instrumental tracks available?
Unfortunately not.

Could you please dedicate ‘…’ to me/someone?
Unfortunately not.

Can you arrange for a meet & greet?
Unfortunately not. 

I need material for a school project. Could you please help me out?
Unfortunately not. There is a lot of material available on our website though.

I’d like to get in touch with you to use your music in a movie/something else.
Contact the management through the contact section.